Saturday, February 27, 2010

On the Home Stretch

Miss Pearl ready for her inspection tour - well before coffee on Saturday Morning.

Sheetrock in the pool room - facing south

Looking Southwest.

Looking northwest.

Ahhhh, the heated garage.

Entry area and stairs.

The laundryroom for the stackable washer and dryer.

Looking down the stairs.

Looking up the stairs - Pearl is getting a good scratch.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Insulation, Sheetrock and Sunshine!

At long last, The sun has come out to shine. It has helped with the mud. However, even Alan was getting sick of the mud so he brought more gravel in this week.

Moving forward, things are going to be calming down a bit. Last week there were 9 subcontrators on the site at once. It was a bit hectic but, a lot was accomplished. The entire place has been insulated. The sheet rocking is almost complete, the pool platform was worked on, the roof is almost completed and more rock and earth was moved

Insulation in the entry

Sheetrock in the garage.

Sheetrock upstairs.

More sheetrock upstairs.

A second retaining wall around the pine trees on 2nd and Oak street.

Ahhh, the sun feels so good!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Roof and Rocks

This past week the focus was on the roof and
continuing to work on the site.

We selected a roof color that is part of the energy star program. The roof color is Hickory Moss. In this grey winter light it looks quite light. Imagine what white or silver (which were two of our options) might have looked like!

The last of the pool room windows were installed.
I think the north side looks really nice.

The rock from the site were stacked to make a retaining wall on the corner
of oak and second. It looks wonderful. It was tied into the existing retaining
wall from the 40's. I guess we will see if the bearded iris's are completely
gone in front or if they will poke their heads through in front this spring.

Here is a view of the wall from first street looking east.
We are the only house with a track hoe in the front yard.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What a Mess!

Super Bowl Sunday, Joann, Prince, Pearl and I drove up to White Salmon to see what had transpired during the week. Needless to say, we were not scheduling our day around the game!

Other than the mud, the first thing we noticed was the pool room. Looks like the footing is in!

Oh what a mess we found! Between the rain and the site work last week, the place was a muddy pit! They had dug lines for the sewer, water and power last week. Plus had taken out the shrubbery up by the alley so they could grade around the west side of the building.

The rock pile was moved and straw was spread so they have a place to put the fork lift and work on the roof this week.
Water lines are laid in place and power is connected and buried!
Brush cleared and west site graded.
We can see our neighbors now!
Yes, we have rock. Soon they will be stacked for a retaining wall.
And here is the project for next week. The roof. All the material is in that packet right there. red is the underside. The actual color is Hickory Moss. You'll see that next week. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pouring the Pad!

I woke up on Monday morning and got ready to go to work. My plan was to meet with Alan before I departed. Around 8 am, things began to get busy. The electrician, the specialty concrete team and Alan's team showed up. There were 9 cars in the driveway at one time.

I learned very quickly that they were scheduled to pour the slab for the bottom of the pool. I called my boss and said that I would be in a little later than I thought. He said, "no problem". I really like working at this place!

The pumping begins. Bill will be glad to know it is loaded with fiber.

Here's the bottom of the deep end.

Easing up to the shallow end.

Shallow end of the pool.

The entire pour took a little over a half an hour. I left before they put
the finishing touches on. I am sure it was beautiful when it was done.