Saturday, March 27, 2010

Color and Cover

Things are changing fast. Our entry area is receiving a porch to keep the weather off the door and to eventually connect the garage to the house.

Another perspective from the west.

This is a view of the siding from the alley. You can also see the utilities. The units for the ductless heat pumps are under the window.

The pool room has received stucco this week. The color "beach" was selected for the south, west and northern walls. Basically the walls with windows.

The accent wall is pumpkin. It is being received well by all who have seen it! The room feels warm and bright and open. Just what we were wanting to achieve!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Cast of Characters

Many of you have asked who it is that we have working on this project? Well, here is the cast of characters for this project.

Alan Carlock is in the center and he is our contractor. Zach, his son-in-law is to the left. Chris, his son has not yet arrived for the day. Chris has a newborn daughter, MaKenna Belle, and his life is a little upside down right now! Alan, Chris and Zach have done the majority of the building.

This is the crew that showed up from the city to patch the hole in second street. Not sure who they are!

Gordon Hinkle is the tile and flooring guy. Here Bill and Pearl are speaking with him regarding the flooring and classic cars. Gordon is a collector and has a few in the shop he is willing to sell Bill. I tell Bill, as long as it is pink, I am fine with a new car.

Jeff is the painter. He will finished all of the woodwork, windows and doors. Soon he will paint the outside.

Here are Forrest and Desi. They have completed all of the sheet rocking and taping and will soon be on to the plaster in the swim area and upstairs.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Road Closed

Today is filled with activity! They closed second street to dig for the waterline for our official hook up to city water.

And so the digging begins.

It was suppose to be here somewhere. Where is it?

Let's try over here. Okay, I think I have found something.

Lets do the last bit of digging by hand.

Siding is going on to the house. No, these are not the final colors. It is just the primer paint. We do not plan on selling saltwater taffy out of the house. All our neighbors are concerned. Everyone has an opinion and does not hesitate to share!

A few shingles on the front bay to give it some variety.

Wrapping the side....

Alan surveying the property line so, our neighbor can keep her garden on her side.

Zach and Chris join in to pound in the stake. Clearly, the hedge is on our property.

Pearl has been concerned that Bill will leave again with out her.
She is keeping a close eye on his unpacked suitcase.

And the front door...doesn't it look nice?