Monday, December 28, 2009

Interior Shots

This morning Bill and I had the walk through with the electrician, Pat and contractor, Alan to discuss the electrical requirements for the building. I started snapping photos as we were moving through the building and thought I would feature interior shots on this post.

This is a shot of the sleeping alcove. It is right off the main room and the window is the one above the garage doors. It actually has as much square footage as the bedroom in the old house. It is just a different shape - long and narrow.
Here is another peek at the space.
This is a view from the sleeping alcove into the main room.
This is the space for the Kitchen. This weekend I plotted out the layout using Ikea components.

Yes, we even get a bathroom. The tub is here and just fits! Which, of course, was the plan. It will be deep enough to soak in!

Here are a couple of views of the entry to the apartment and the bathroom. The middle door is for the stackable washer and dryer.

This will be a cozy corner for reading, the computer or just doing laundry!

This is a view heading down the stairs.

This is another view from the return heading down the stairs to the entry area.

They have started to wrap the exterior to prepare for the siding. This is a new product which is designed to breathe but, not let water penetrate. This is like some of the new high tech fabrics used in outdoor clothing.

This is a view of the backside along the alley.

Our neighbors have been asking if we will be serving coffee and latte's out of the stairwell window!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Too Cold to Work!

As many of you know, the temperatures in this part of the world dropped in to the teens and lower the second week of December. Alan's team found the compressor frozen one morning and had to set it in the old house to get it to warm up. After a couple of days, they retreated to Alan's warm shop to work on other projects. We supported that decision!

This is a view from the upstairs studio apartment. On a clear day, Mt. Hood is in view.

Both Bill and I had been away from the house for three weeks. During that time the roof on the pool area was completed. The garage doors were installed and most of the sheathing was completed. The space for the washer and dryer was built along with finalizing the frames for the windows. The windows are due in January.

Early January will see the pool installation and work on
that room to enclose it to the elements. As you can see, the posts that will be between the windows are in place and things are taking shape in that space.

This weekend I actually got to park in the garage! It was nice to unload in a dry space!

Happy Holidays to all!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Santa's Helper!

Tis the Season for Christmas parties! After our family gathering in Portland last weekend, Dad (one of Santa's Helpers) dropped by and took these photos for the blog.

The crew is working hard to get the building all sealed up to help secure the place and to protect them from the cold. The photo above is exciting because the roof of the pool is framed and sheathed. We can now
see what the over all building is really going to look like from the exterior.

The windows, front door, roof and garage doors doors have been ordered. The elves (Alan, Zach and Mike) plan to have the building sealed up soon. Alan also wants to have us parking in the garage by Christmas. That sounds like a pretty good christmas present to me!

Bill is in Bahrain right now. So, I am going to put in a couple of other photos for him to enjoy.

Happy Holidays!