Tuesday, November 23, 2010

9 Months to Build, 1 Day to Teardown

Here is a photo of the old house as I left for work on Monday morning.
Who would have guessed that it would take 9 months to build a carriage house and only 1 day to tear down the old house........

This adventure became weather dependent. With the snow on the ground Monday, Aaron called to say that he would start on Tuesday since they would not be delivering the first skiff until Monday afternoon.

And the fun begins....starting with the back bedroom.

Making progress very quickly. Bill took all the photos and was emailing them to me at work so I could keep an eye on things :)

It is starting to really disappear.

A final shot of the old house number......166 Oak Street

And the living room is gone. No more entertaining in the old place.

Working our way around the corner.

Kitchen Window hanging in there!

And finally the laundry room.

No wonder we were always so cold. I see very little insulation in that pile!

Amazing day. This only took about 6 hours with a lunch break. It is a day that Bill and I thought would never come. And it seemed so effortless once it arrived.