Monday, May 24, 2010


We are making progress! The maple floors are going in!
On Saturday they put a second coat of finish on the floor.

This week the Kitchen is going in so....this space will look very different next week!

The entry area....

The sleeping area....

Looking down the steps. The treads still need to be finished.

Trim work begins Wednesday!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lots of Changes!

There have been lots of changes this week! Most notably is the painting of the exterior. Although it is not completely can really get a sense of how it is going to look and feel. The color is green with a brown that matches the cedar stain on the natural wood.

South side view

North and west side of building

South side of building

The east side.....

These are the interior colors - Amber Grain and Nantucket Sand......i guess the seventies have returned to the interiors. Now if i can just remember where i left those Avacado green appliances.....

The deck is done. No railing yet, so Pearl does not have permission to go racing out there to bark at the neighbors.

Here the maple flooring is seasoning.....3 days at 70 degrees before installation begins.

Subway tile in the shower surround. The red is the water proof backing.

This is the heating pad that will be under the tiles....our toes will be warm in the morning!

And here come the doors! The tempered glass door for the pool room will allow light into the entry area.

The deck was stained clear and sealed last week. Pearls is demostrating the scale.

Last but not least, the garage door. This is what the doors upstairs will look like....three panel fir.

More to come.....

Sunday, May 9, 2010

One down, Two to go...

The pool room is done! Doesn't the mahogany deck look beautiful!
I can now begin to imagine what the entire place will look like finished!

Steps leading up to the deck.

More deck views.

Pool View

Looking northeast.....or what your view is like when you are swimming.

American Clay Plaster Disaster

I feel the need to share our experience with the American Clay Product and EcoHaus. The product is very beautiful, if you do not have to witness it being sprayed down, smell the moist clay and then having it scrapped off your walls. It looked like a old moldy house. It was very discouraging.

Prior to our project, our sheet rock contractor had had success with this product on a number of different occasions. The only thing he did differently this time was to take EcoHaus's advise and use a different base product. The American Clay would not adhere to this product. As you could see in the previous photos, it began to pop off. We continue to have problems with the Porcelina product we used on the ceiling.

Our contractor was smart enough to check in with other contractors to see if they had similar issues. He found one that experienced the very same thing we had when they followed EcoHaus's advice to use the mud plaster as the base product.

After scrapping it all off, resurfacing the walls using the old tried and true method, it worked. However, we had to purchase new material for the final surfacing. This doubled the cost of this project. EcoHaus would take not responsibility for this disaster. Or even enter into dialog. Our message to other who want to try this is to not use EcoHaus as their supplier. The customer care is not existent once you spend your money and walk out the door.