Saturday, June 5, 2010

Trimming the Carriage House

It is amazing what things begin to look like once the finishing touches are put on.....

The lighting was installed inside and out this week
(well, except the fixtures we forgot to get:) or on order)

We only have one gutter. It will keep us dry as we stand out on the deck.
And we only have one to clean!

The fir trim is done on the top floor...

Nice baseboards....really make the walls look hansome.

Tile complete in the bathroom!
Bill did a nice job picking out the materials.

Entrance, Laundry room and Bathroom doors.

Kitchen windows trimmed...just waiting for the countertops now.

Maple steps up to the living area.

Western Window trim.....
It all looks so handsome, cozy and clean.

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  1. Bill, great pictures and such an amazing project! Really enjoyed looking! Can't wait to come up and visit. Bravo!