Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Bill!

Is it a coincidence that we are breaking ground on Bill's 53rd Birthday? I think not!

Building this house has been Bill's dream since purchasing the property five years ago. Since that time, he has researched green building products, green services and visited many green structures. What we have learned in this process is that our timing is slightly ahead of some of the technology. We are still committed to building responsibly and as green as we can afford. The structures will be prepared so we can add solar products within a couple of years. That is when we understand the products will be more efficient, more affordable and provide the best cost return.

This blog is going to share information we learn along the way and share advice we received from professionals in the industry.

The blog has been named "Pearl's Play House" in honor of our two year old Shih Tzu. We had to remove two of her favorite trees to make phase one of the project happen. Here is a photo as we say good-bye to the beautiful Weeping Cherry, Beech and Pine trees.